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Colorado Springs/Pueblo News Releases for Wed. Sep. 2 - 4:27 am
Peterson Boys and Girls Club receives grant
Peterson Air Force Base - 08/31/15
The Peterson Boys & Girls Club of America will receive a $10,000 grant from United Health Foundation. The award is part of the Foundation's "Helping Build Healthier Communities" program that provides critical resources to nonprofit, community-based organizations across the country to improve people's health.

The presentation will be made at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 3 at Peterson's RP Lee Youth Center, a B&GCA site.

"Taking care of youth is a big part of our Airman and Family Services Flight's mission," said Dorothy Choate, 21st Force Support Squadron deputy director. "We provide military families a safe and secure environment for their children, as well as a positive learning environment."

The money will be used to help implement a new resiliency program, a key topic with Air Force leaders. The award is part of a larger $1.75 million grant from United Health Foundation to create an interactive online platform and mobile application for military kids.

"The Peterson Boys and Girls Club site was selected as the Air Force pilot site to test a resiliency and reintegration gaming program," Choate said. "Our kids here will be among the first to test an interactive game, with a focus on building skills in resiliency and developing a wellness reintegration plan for them and their family. I think it's very exciting that our kids can help others around the globe."

The platform will focus on resources to help military kids and teens cope with and thrive under the unique pressures of being a military youth. The platform will engage military kids through mobile applications, digital community bulletin boards, distance learning opportunities, targeted digital communications and interactive games. The pilot will launch this fall at the Peterson RP Lee Youth Center Boys & Girls Club site, along with four other military installations, before distribution to more than 4,100 Boys & Girls Clubs.
21st Space Wing hosts STEM Fair at Peterson
Peterson Air Force Base - 08/26/15
The 21st Space Wing will host a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Fair from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Aug. 29.

The event will include dozens of booths with science-based activities, including paper rocket launchers, a cave simulator, robotics displays, a hurricane simulator, glider building, dinosaur investigations, interacting with wild animals, a chemistry magic show and more.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, and as more nations compete with the United States in the global economy, the next generation of students must be well grounded in STEM to succeed economically.

"STEM programs are important for our children and the younger generation," said Capt. Leilani Distaso, National Security Space Institute Space 200 assistant course director and military lead for the event. "This event is meant to reinforce interest in STEM related fields."

The military family appreciation day is designed to promote the fields of science, technology, engineering and math to children at the start of the school year. It will be held at the Peterson Air and Space Museum, and admission is free and open to all military ID card holders. The activities are designed for kids in kindergarten through 8th grade and their families.

The event is being sponsored by the Challenger Learning Center of Colorado Springs, the National Security Space Institute and the Peterson Air and Space Museum Foundation.
School District 11 Board of Education Meeting
Colorado Springs Dist. 11 - 08/25/15
The Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Education will have a board meeting on Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 6:30 p.m. The consent/action items on this agenda include:
Accreditation of Schools
Contract Award - Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA): Career and Technical Education Programs, Pikes Peak BOCES Cooperative Educational Services Contract for Day Treatment Service
Budget Transfers, Appropriations, and FTE Approvals
Resolution 2016-3: Superintendent's Business Plan
Resolution 2015-4: Arts in Education Week
To view the agenda, go to the Board of Education webpage, hover over meetings, and select BoardDocs Public Site. The August 26 agenda is featured.
Fire training Aug. 25 cancelled
Peterson Air Force Base - 08/24/15
The Cheyenne Mountain AFS fire department training exercises have been cancelled for Aug. 25.

This routine training is conducted periodically to ensure base emergency responders are prepared to handle a wide variety of emergencies on the installation. As part of cooperative agreements, the department is also relied upon to assist with emergencies in the Broadmoor Bluffs neighborhood and the Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Those traveling the I-25 and Highway 115 corridors and living adjacent to the installation should not be alarmed if they see smoke or fire from this area. The base fire training center has significant safety controls in place to ensure the training environment remains safe, yet provides the maximum educational environment for the firefighting teams.
500 Backpacks Donated to Carmel Middle School
Harrison Dist. 2 - 08/13/15
American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), STATE Bags, and Teach For America (TFA) have partnered to donate and deliver backpacks full of school supplies to schools around the country, and Carmel was chosen to receive 500!
The 500 donated backpacks will be distributed to the students at Carmel Middle School on Wednesday, August 19th starting at 8:30am. The distribution will take place in various locations throughout the school during first period.

Attached Media Files: 2015-08/1351/86953/2015_Carmel_AEO_TFA_Backpacks_TFA_edits.pdf
School District 11 Board of Education Meeting
Colorado Springs Dist. 11 - 08/11/15
The Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Education will have a board meeting on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 6:30 p.m. The consent/action items on this agenda include:
Contract Awards: Intergovernmental Agreement
Resolution 2016-1: Call of Nominations for School Directors and Participation in the 2015 Coordinate Election
Resolution 2016-2: Authorization of Legislation Liaisons

To view the agenda, go to the Board of Education webpage, hover over meetings, and select BoardDocs Public Site. The August 12 agenda is featured.
Over 22,200 people will color the world happy with sidewalk chalk on August 18th (Photo)
The Joy Team - 08/06/15
2014 Chalk the Walks at Montavilla Community center in Portland, Oregon
2014 Chalk the Walks at Montavilla Community center in Portland, Oregon
On Tuesday, August 18th, sidewalks across the U.S. (as well as Canada, England, Ireland, Mexico and Japan) will be full of colorful, uplifting sentiments as more than 22,200 people spend a little time chalking messages of inspiration, joy and love in an effort to make others smile. Messages like: always bring your own sunshine, you are awesome, yes you can, you are loved, today I am thankful. The 5th annual international Chalk the Walks event happens anywhere and everywhere, all throughout the day.

What started as a small virtual event with 333 people in 2011 has grown to over 22,200 people who will individually chalk positive messages wherever they are and share them with each other on the Facebook event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/292418904279367/). And the event, less than two weeks out, continues to grow by roughly a thousand people every day.

"This is a simple yet powerful way to put some happiness into the world," said Michele McKeag Larsen, founder of The Joy Team and creator of Chalk the Walks. "Write happy messages, have fun doing it, spread some joy while you're at it." Why? It makes people smile. And creating an easy way for people to smile and feel happy, even if just briefly, releases stress-busting, immune-boosting hormones in our bodies. It's as good for our health as it is for our heart.

Chalk the Walks, a project of The Joy Team, is all about spreading joy, optimism and inspiration through the magical power of positive messages and sidewalk chalk. The international event began in the heart of Vancouver, Washington, in 2011; and will continue there on Main Street this year at Mini Mozart's Preschool from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

A very special chalking is taking place in Hartford, Connecticut for a young girl named Aliana. She has CVID, Common Variable Immunodeficiency. She doesn't produce the antibodies to keep her well or even fight off a common cold. Each month, she gets infusions of healthy human plasma called IVIG thru an IV at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.
She's turning 11 on August 18th and wanted to ?#?ChalktheWalks? for her birthday this year at the hospital she, and other sick kids, spend so much time at. Donations of chalk have been pouring in to help her and the other kids who are able chalk positive messages at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Other groups are also gathering together to infuse positivity into their communities. A list of those known to The Joy Team can be found here: http://chalkthewalks.com/our-partners/

Being part of the joy-spreading movement is easy. Just join the Facebook event at facebook.com/chalkthewalks (https://www.facebook.com/events/292418904279367/), chalk uplifting messages on your walks on Tuesday, August 18th, take some photos and share your messages on the Chalk the Walks 2015 Facebook event page, creating a virtual playground of inspiration and optimism.

Anyone can host a Chalk the Walks event in their town and invite the community to join them.

For more information or to download customizable even posters, visit ChalkTheWalks.com.
Join Chalk the Walks 2015 here: https://www.facebook.com/events/292418904279367/
See photos from the 2014 event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1480586302164988/

About The Joy Team
Founded in February 2010, The Joy Team is a non-profit 501c3 corporation based in Vancouver, Washington, with the mission of building community by spreading joy, optimism and inspiration through intentional positive messaging. Projects of the positive thought organization include putting up 187 billboards (and counting), giving over 4,600 jars of joy-wrapped peanut butter to hungry kids through the PB & JOY Project and the annual Chalk the Walks event. Learn more at thejoyteam.org, like them on Facebook.com/TheJoyTeam or follow them on Twitter @TheJoyTeam.

Attached Media Files: 2014 Chalk the Walks at Montavilla Community center in Portland, Oregon , 2014 Chalk the Walks in Youngtown, Arizona , 2014 Chalk the Walks in Edinburgh, Scotland , 2014 Chalk the Walks in Basin, Wyoming , 2014 Chalk the Walks on Main Street in Vancouver, Washington , 2014 Chalk the Walks in Christchurch, New Zealand , 2014 Chalk the Walks at Art Institute of Pittsburgh , 2014 Chalk the Walks in Widefield, Colorado
Media Alert: School District 11 Transportation Bus Road-e-o
Colorado Springs Dist. 11 - 08/06/15
To celebrate the Board of Education's vote to expand bus routes this school year, the media is invited to come to the D11 Transportation Bus Road-e-o! This event will take place on Monday, August 10, 9:30-11 a.m., at the D11 transportation facility, 5240 Geiger Blvd. For more information, please call Cheryl Weaver at 520-2951.